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Reverberation time measurement is a process by which we place an echo machine inside of a room. Sound is brought up to a certain frequency and then stopped. Then we measure the amount of time for the average energy density to become 1/100 (Until the strength of the sound reduces to 60db). We use this data to design halls and studios with optimum reverberation time.
There are many gymnasiums and lobbies in which reverberation time measurement is not performed. In these areas, a personfs voice or overhead announcement voices will echo and be hard to understand. Additional sound absorption construction is needed. In this case, reverberation time measurement is needed after the installation of reparative devices. AGK is winning the trust of customers with fast testing, analysis and reporting. We offer more than just testing, but also offer counter measures when necessary, fast spot-on advice, consulting, soundproofing and dampening design. We follow our customersf needs all the way to construction.

Method of measuring reverberation time

In order to measure reverberation time, we place a speaker inside the room which is to be measured. With this speaker, we produce gPink Noiseh for a period of time and then stop it. We then record the amount of time it takes for this the sound to attenuate to 60dB. The sound source is set in an area of the room so it reaches as many places as possible. We calculate bases on the average of 3~5 trials.