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Acoustic isolation measurement is the measurement of airborne sound transmission within a room, thatfs room space, outside the room, at the window, door and various points in the room. The paths which sound reaches a personfs ear is divided into airborne transmission and solid borne transmission. Airborne transmission is when a sound occurs and travels by vibration the air. Solid borne transmission travels through vibrating the floor, walls, etc. and gives off sound.

Method of measuring interception

This measurement applies to JIS A1417 "Measurement of the air interception performance of the building". Noise is generated from the speaker in the sound source room as shown in the figure below, and the sound source room and multiple points are measured with the sound level in each receiving sound room. We calculate the average energy difference between the sound receiving room and sound room according to the result of measurements. Then, the interception performance of the air sound between rooms is calculated. The interception performances of each area such as windows and doors are measured by "Sound pressure level difference between specific places".

Insulation measurement diagram
Insulation measurement diagram