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AGK is using “Sylodyn,” a polyurethane dampening material developed by Getzner, a company with worldwide success in railroad and construction, in subway, railway, and highway soundproofing and dampening. Compared to existing dampening rubber, Sylodyn is more durable, more stable and is able to be made thinner in order to fit into small spaces, making installation quick and easy.
Sylodyn has had many successes in subways and highways worldwide including London, New York, Singapore and Hong Kong. In Japan, it has been used in the Odakyu line from Kyodo to Shinjuku and has been receiving a positive response. Sylodyn is also readily usable in dampening indoor mechanized parking systems. Besides being a stand along product, it is also used in conjunction with our other products, the Glass Wool Sylomer Damper, Sylomer Block, AGK Lightweight Soundproofing Wall, as well.