AGK has been trusted with soundproofing and dampening work on numerous studios, auditoriums and cinema complexes and continues to provide a wide range of soundproofing, construction and acoustic interior design on structures such as auditoriums, cinema complexes and studios.

AGK also implements noise control, anti-vibration measures and soundproofing for factories, acoustic testing rooms and soundproof rooms (anechoic rooms, reverberation rooms, etc.) for places such as research facilities.  Using electromagnetic shielding, sylomer, which is a brand new high grade polyurethane material being used in place of dampening rubber in construction, sylomer blocks, GW sylomer dampers on floating floors, the outdoor soundproof walling AGK Silencer Wall, and indoor soundproof walling, the AGK Lightweight Soundproof Wall, etc. AGK is putting sound, vibration and electromagnetic waves in check and creating a pleasant environment for everyone.

Sylomer Block
The Sylomer Block is a groundbreaking material being used in place of dampening rubber. It is a high-tech elastic polystyrene material made of a mixture Getzner Co.,Ltd polyurethane dampening material Sylomer and Sylodyn. Getzner Co.,Ltd established worldwide as aleader in railway and construction. Because of its water resistant properties, it is ideal for dampeningwork on in hotel kitchens, Jacuzzis, mechanized parking systems, music studios,dance studios, cinema complexes, clubs, piano rooms and more.
Glass wool Sylomer damper
The Glass Wool Sylomer Damper combines the high-tech polyurethane dampening material,Sylomer with high density glass wool to produce a thin 12.5mm dampener for to counter floor impact.The Glass Wool Sylomer Damperhas been newly developed for stone flooring areas that cannot afford space such as apartments, hotels and offices. It is most appropriate for low level apartments, piano, violin, saxophone, guitar, and other music rooms.
Sylomer sports floor system
The Sylomer Sports Floor System is a high-tech floating steel flooring system developed for the National Training Center. It is the most appropriate soundproofing system for gymnasiums, sports facilities, dance studios, fitness clubs etc.
Jun 2016
Tokyo Denki University Senju Campus the second phase construction, sound insulation, anti-vibration construction and acoustic measurement
Jun 2016
"Kioicho Project" Office Bldg. Yahoo studio construction
May 2016
Toranomon Hills Hall acoustic consulting
Apr 2016
Okinawa Pref. Uruma Integrated Learning Center music studio construction
Apr 2016
Taisei Corporation Technology Center acoustic laboratory building vibration-proof construction
Feb 2016
Chuo-ku Toyomi elementary school gymnasium vibration-proof construction
Jan 2016
Matsuyama-shi Shinonome Elementary School gymnasium vibration-proof construction
Dec 2015
Kochi Pref Agricultural Nurturing Center CLT structure vibration-proof construction
Dec 2016
TOHO Cinemas and United Cinema cinema complex 4DX floor anti-vibration construction of around the country
Nov 2015
Kyobashi 2-chome west district first-class urban redevelopment project anti-vibration construction and others
Oct 2015
Kanazawa-ku, a comprehensive office building renovation multipurpose studio
Aug 2015
Okubo 3-chome west development plan each equipment room vibration-proof construction
Jul 2015
Yokohama Minami-ku, comprehensive office building new construction hall sound insulation and vibration-proof construction
Jul 2015
Hosei daini junior and senior high school building construction multipurpose room anti-vibration and sound insulation construction
Mar 2015
Tokyo Metro Comprehensive Learning and Training Center vibration-proof construction

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