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Akasaka Blitz and Act theater
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Akasaka Blitz

The area around Akasaka Biz Tower is being developed with the TBS Broadcasting center, the live house Akasaka Blitz and the musical theater, Akasaka Act Theater. AGK performed soundproofing, dampening and electromagnetic shielding as well as over all acoustic management on the latter two structures.
AGK has planned and soundproofed Akasaka Blitz and Act Theater, stopping sound from leaking from one adjacent structure to the other. We also made sure the surrounding area was protected from both sounds and jumping vibrations. Also, in keeping in mind the structure of a live house, an electromagnetic shield has been put in place which avoids interference with wireless acoustical instruments.
Akasaka Act Theater Akasaka Blitz
Akasaka Act Theater Akasaka Blitz