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AGK lightweight soundproof wall system

Soundproof wall「AGK Lightweight Soundproof Wall System

Soundproofing Wall “The AGK Lightweight Soundproof Wall System” is a soundproofing wall for developed for use in tall buildings where weight from above is an issue but soundproofing in necessary. By using the polyurethane soundproofing material Sylodyn, flanking transmission sound is reduced. Compared to other soundproof walking systems, it is highly effective in reducing sound in the upper levels of apartments and tall buildings. We can design soundproofing and dampening specs to fit your needs in any place and situation.

●AGK Lightweight Soundproof Wall System Compare between D-60 type and Concrete wall

Concrete wall AGK Soundproof wall
Concrete: 500mm AGK lightweight soundproof wall: 500mm
Weight: 1.15ton/u Weight: 0.197ton/u
Sound insulation performanceD-60 Sound insulation performanceD-60
Solid propagation sound can not be reduced Solid propagation sound can be reduced

●Features of AGK lightweight soundproof wall System

1.Because it is lighter than concrete walls, it is ideal for high-rise buildings and other structures requiring lighter weight and requiring soundproofing.

2.By using polyurethane vibration damping material "Sylodyn", solid propagation sound can be reduced, so it is effective for preventing vibration noise of the upper floor of an apartment or the next floor, compared with a concrete or ordinary light weight sound insulating wall.

●AGK principle of light weight soundproof wall System



●AGK軽量防音壁SystemD−60タイプ 防振性能表

AGK防音壁 防振性能

AGK軽量防音壁SystemD−60タイプ 防音性能表

AGK防音壁 防音性能